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RV Storage

We know why you love to go RVing. It’s fun, brings you closer to your family and nature and provides an abundance of adventures and educational opportunity. However, unfortunately, you can’t be out RVing all year long. However, what happens to your RV when you’re inactive. These huge vehicles can disrupt traffic in residential areas and become huge eyesores for neighbors that don’t wish for the neighborhood to look like an RV park. Thankfully, there are easy, convenient and affordable RV storage solutions at Space Center Mini Warehouse. In fact, our secure, well-lit facility offers complete 24-hour access to your RV while keeping it under close surveillance when you’re not around. Call our staff for info about reserving RV storage space!

Car/Vehicle Storage

Going out of town? Got a kid that’s moving to college? If you’re looking for a place to store your extra car or vehicle, contact our staff for climate-controlled storage solutions that will keep your vehicle safe and in mint condition for when you return. A vehicle is a big purchase, and it’s not easy to just “get rid of it” when you won’t be using it for a while. Luckily, we provide safe and weatherproof storage solutions that make things easy when you have a car that’s not being used, and you don’t want to be outside.

With various spaces and storage units available, contact our staff for complete details about vehicle storage!

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Boat Storage

Don’t you just wish it could always be boating season? Us too! However, with winter temperatures that routinely drop below zero, it’s just not feasible to be out enjoying the water through the entire year in Decatur, Illinois. However, similar to RVs, your boat can take up a considerable amount of space and be a nuisance to nosy neighbors. We provide boat storage space that’s climate controlled for easy winterization of your boat or personal watercraft. Don’t chance damage by letting your boat spend the winter outdoors.

Contact us for weatherproof storage that will keep your boat in great condition so that you can enjoy it again in the summer! 

Our Storage Solutions for Your RVs, Cars, and Boats

You can always count on our staff for your storage needs.

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